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15 Jul 2014 23:39

Give reasons why most Men are not ready for Marriage

16 Jul 2014 11:10

Because most of them don't want liability.

16 Jul 2014 11:12

It's because they're not ready...

16 Jul 2014 11:18


16 Jul 2014 13:02

Most girls wont a wel doing guy.they go after money.that is why guys wont to strugle most expecialy if a girl has dump u 4 a guy that has money befor.

16 Jul 2014 13:29

Bcos some are not serious minded, some are in marriage already but here to cos heart broken to ladies, some are thief&419, some are here to play game, some are here for fun, friend for sex, some are not ready at all while few are here for the serious matter. WATCH&PRAY

16 Jul 2014 13:49

Coz they are not ready

16 Jul 2014 13:59

Marriage is an institution u don't graduate nor has a certificate 4rm. it is 4 mature one must be ready b\4 going into it.

16 Jul 2014 15:58

Tis simply bcos they just never wanna grow up... Shikena

16 Jul 2014 19:21

They ar nt ready 2 marry bcos dey want 2 continue 2 bed all girls 4rm all corners

16 Jul 2014 20:25

Men chit on women & women get whyser.

16 Jul 2014 20:33

Women are load on a man, so men need to put tins in place and be respected in d marrige.

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16 Jul 2014 20:37

True love is beter dan naira. When one marriad's bcose of money & d money get finish marriag end's. But wen one marriag with love even witout money d marriag last for ever. Bcose money is d rooth of all evil & love answeret all things.

16 Jul 2014 20:42

My brothers & sister waith for ur right partner whom will give u d true love which u diserve

16 Jul 2014 21:41

Marriage is a life time commitment, its nt something to rush into, as a christain, once ure in, ure in. So no need to rush nd regret later, GODS TIME IS THE BEST!

16 Jul 2014 21:48

1 Financial Problem 2 True Love 3 Support Of D Both Family. God Is D Best Wishis 4 Is Own Man

16 Jul 2014 21:51

Ok sir wen do u thinK a man shud be ready!

16 Jul 2014 22:19

Ooh Marriage 1stly is a holy metromonium! Nd hv. Vows!,requiremnts, expectations, learn to know each oda, positive attitudes, Commitmnt,Mutual un/stnding financial. Agreemnts! Respect, faithfulness! Listening skills , Reasoning loyalty nd. Most Of all An Agape Luv!! Dat surpasses all things,Nd to be prepared for the long walk 1 step @ a time, Remm D woman is no less den d man in d household, Nd D word Of God to Guide dem, without dat der is no Solid Foundation! Pls bros Nd Sisters ! Ifu r married Remm ur spouse @ all times! I'm not married bt. FromI pray for a God fearing husband ! In my globe AFRICA On d Right Time No Rush.

16 Jul 2014 22:25

Men happen to think there time is d rite time! Bcos dey lacK To Take Constructive Criticisims ! Bcos most of dem still live by. D sick laws of d past !

16 Jul 2014 22:56