Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - What does it take to love
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12 Jul 2014 22:24

Can love..hurt, kill,steal,destory.etc

14 Jul 2014 16:53

Yes dear it can

14 Jul 2014 18:17

yes of course

14 Jul 2014 20:13

NO it can't! Love is gentle, kind, caring, passionate, etc.
It's only Lust that can hurt, steal, kill, destroy, etc.
What people call Love this days isn't really Love, it's rather pure and sheer LUST, and that is why there are so many hurts, pains, disappointments, break-ups, heart-breaks, etc.
LOVE itself has NO side-effects!!!

14 Jul 2014 21:15


14 Jul 2014 22:30

TRUE LOVE do nt last 4ever.It brings pain @ d end.

14 Jul 2014 22:51

likenes & feelings=emotion in a passionate mude{not minding d odd side of d relationship}leads 2 trust >understanding which stands 4 love.

14 Jul 2014 23:27


15 Jul 2014 00:58

Yes it can. Frnd i want u to teach me on how to chat with prnds pls

15 Jul 2014 05:04


15 Jul 2014 07:05

Love can't hurts , kill, or steal , but it only hurt when its fake not the real love. The real love is very peaceful and passionate

15 Jul 2014 07:35

Don't get twisted plz, love is a beautiful thing

15 Jul 2014 08:32

Love waow so beautiful! Yes it can hurt! Wen its build on Feelings and Nt Love! Learn to knw each oda! Nd come to a common Un/stnding key of supreme Love, trust , respect, Tolerance nd endurance! And nurture d beauty of A Relationship! Instead of allowing Intimacy Nd Misun/standings To Kill It! b4. U even Know wot love Is Abt ! Sad but true! Let's learn to Embrace Love Genuinely!

15 Jul 2014 10:20

Thanx u're most welcome.

15 Jul 2014 10:20

Understanding, endurance and intimacy.

15 Jul 2014 10:31

How sure are u abt Intimacy! I wud like to brainstorm dat! Bcause it can hurt, Explain pls!

15 Jul 2014 10:32

Love can giv u life nd it can. Kill u....bur how dare u live ur life witout. Xperiencin it...?

15 Jul 2014 10:34

Lov never bring pain

15 Jul 2014 11:06

nope that's not love

15 Jul 2014 11:32

Truelove never die