Nigerian forum: Jokes - Mr Akpos 2
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10 Jul 2014 22:13

Mrs. Ifeoma phoned Akpos the
electrician because her
television quit working.
Akpos couldn’t accommodate
her with an “after-hours”
appointment and since she had
to go to work, she told him, “I’ll
leave the key under the mat. Fix
the TV, leave the bill on the
counter, and I’ll send you the
money later. By the way, I have
a large rotweiler (dog) inside
named Killer; he won’t bother
you. I also have a parrot, and
whatever you do, do not talk to
the bird!”
Well, sure enough the dog, Killer,
totally ignored Akpos, but the
whole time he was there, the
parrot cursed, yelled, screamed,
and about drove him nuts.
As Akpos was ready to leave, he
couldn’t resist saying, “You
stupid bird, why don’t you shut
up!” To which the parrot
replied, “Killer, get him!!!”
Akpos is now at the emergency
ward of the State General

11 Jul 2014 21:31

Dat's gud Mrs ifeoma will bail him out.