Nigerian forum: Jokes - Mr Akpos 1
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10 Jul 2014 22:08

Akpos’ Dad bought a Range
Rover Sport Car.
Akpos’ Elder Brother struck a
deal with Akpos.
He told Akpos to call him on
phone when nobody is at home
so that he’ll come and take the
car out to show off to his
When nobody was at home
Akpos called him on phone;
Hello Bros Rukevwe nobody is
at home. You can come and
take Daddy’s car out.
The elder brother said okay.
And rushed back home from
where he was.
He got home and was shocked
to see the gate locked.
He called Akpos on phone; Hello
Akpos, i am now at home to
take the car out as planned.
Why is the gate locked?.
Akpos replied; Bros Rukevwe
were you not the one that told
me to call you to come and take
the car out when nobody is at
home. Mummy and Daddy are
not at home. I am not at home

11 Jul 2014 21:28

A no fit laugh ooo.