Nigerian forum: Food - Food Taboos!
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13 Feb 2014 04:15

What are the food taboos in your community and why are such foods forbidden? Please give the name and location of your community in your answer.

14 Feb 2014 05:48

Umuaga Udi community in Enugu state forbids d consumption of snails. Onicha Ezinihitte Mbaise in Imo state forbids d consumption of "Onu" (Three leaved yam- dioscorea dumentorium). Idemili & many other communities in Anambra state forbids killing & eating of Pythons. Nnewi community, also in Anambra state & Ibusa community in Delta state forbids d killing & consumption of "Ewi" (a brownish-grey animal of d hare family). Ukpor community, a sub-group in Nnewi Anambra forbids d consumption of "Obu" (a specie of bird). Awka community in Anambra forbids d killing & consumption of black monkeys. All these food taboos are found 2 hav totemic inclinations; thus they exist as a mark of respect & reverence 2 divinity. Do U hav any food taboo in your community? Pls let us know.....

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19 Aug 2016 12:05

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