Nigerian forum: Jokes - The Ignorant Killer
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12 Feb 2014 22:24

It happened in a hospital in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria...
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients were dying in the same bed, every Sunday at
3pm. Doctors thought it was something supernatural. So, a
team of medical experts gathered to investigate the cause or causes of the mysterious deaths.
The following Sunday, few minutes before 3pm, all the doctors & Nurses stood around that particular bed waiting to see what it was. Then suddenly Akpos (part time sweeper) entered the ICU, unplugged the Life Support system of that bed & then plugged his blackberry charger.

13 Feb 2014 10:37

E is a killer n murder

14 Feb 2014 08:01

Very bad

26 Feb 2014 14:37


27 Feb 2014 07:10

lolz na bcos of low ba3 na.

5 Apr 2014 22:45

Na jail sur pass for akpos

5 Apr 2014 23:06

Na 4 jail he go spend d rest of his miserable life,well i no blame him,he 1 plug his own life support which he go take dey buga 4 jail

29 Aug 2015 14:41

a murder