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10 Feb 2014 20:17

who love ist d man or d woman.

10 Feb 2014 21:29

plz it iz a taboo 4 a lady 2 say i luv 1st?

11 Feb 2014 10:26

who ever ride first.

11 Feb 2014 22:18

Come of it guys we're nw in a 20st century were everythin cheng i dont c enytin wrong wit lady makin d move

11 Feb 2014 23:40

The lady luvs 1st most ly,it's just dat they are pretentious...

12 Feb 2014 13:31

There's notin wrong wit it if a lady shud make move first?

14 Feb 2014 14:41

Dere is alot if d lady shuld make d first move cos u guys take d gr 4 granted nd do all sort of tins.