Nigerian forum: Jokes - Willyboy and His Dad
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6 Jul 2014 21:17

Willyboy got his WAEC result and needed to tell his father about his performance:
FATHER: Willyboy, I learnt your WAEC result is out.
Willyboy: Daddy, you remember Steven who used to emerge first in our class at the end of every term? He failed.
FATHER: That’s terrible, what happened?
Willyboy: You also remember Thambo who tutors me at home? He failed too!
FATHER: What’s with the poor performance?
Willyboy: Daddy I don’t know. That’s how it is. Even Kwame who won the Cowbell Science and Maths competition failed.
FATHER: So how was your own result?
Willyboy: You also remember John our senior
prefect? He failed too.
FATHER: (Angrily) Boy, tell me about your own
Willyboy : (angrily) Papa, if all these people I've
been telling you about failed, how do you expect me to pass?

7 Jul 2014 12:32

Smart dullard!

7 Jul 2014 12:34

this old joke still made me happy

7 Jul 2014 18:59


7 Jul 2014 19:07

Hahahahhahhaha laugh wan kill me die,

8 Jul 2014 11:35

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8 Jul 2014 13:04

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8 Jul 2014 13:40

Funny pple.

8 Jul 2014 16:46

Nice one, funny.

8 Jul 2014 19:21

Grt 1 Funny thou! Lol

8 Jul 2014 19:32

Rush To

9 Jul 2014 04:19


9 Jul 2014 08:22

laugh wan kill me o.

9 Jul 2014 19:24


10 Jul 2014 01:24
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29 Jul 2014 14:13

Thanks for that

29 Jul 2014 15:04

Rascal willy

29 Jul 2014 15:14

He doesnt bliv in his slf

30 Jul 2014 05:09


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