Nigerian forum: Jokes - See how "Tortoise Wisdom" paid him.
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8 Feb 2014 18:20

Mr Tiger had a beautiful daughter. She was his last daughter. All d animals wanted 2 mary her. Mr Tiger did nt knw hw 2 choose d Bex husband 4 her. He decided 2 set a test.
D Tiger family made a Big pot of soup. In2 dis soup, dey put a lot of grand pepper. It was vry peppery indeed. Mr Tiger put a wooden spoon in2 d soup and tasted it. '£ke, aha, eke!', he cried out. I have neva tasted hotter soup. It's vry hard 4 anyone nt 2 cry out '£ke, aha, eke!'.
Dey all tasted d soup and evryone cried out '£ke, aha, eke!'
Dis, den is d test, said Mr Tiger.
Whoeva is able 2 eat d soup without crying out '£ke, aha, eke!' shall marry my daughter.
Soon evryone knew dat Mr Tiger had set a test. All d animals came in turn 2 see if dey could pass it and marry d beautiful daughter frm d family of Mr Tiger. D Lion came first. Dere is no test I can't pass', he boasted. He took d wooden spoon and put it in2 d pot of soup. He took some of it. '£ke, aha, eke!' he roared, and tears fell frm his eyes.
Den d Leopard came. He felt sure dat he would pass d test. Bt as soon as he had tasted d soup, he saw red and cried out '£ke, aha, eke!'
D Monkey jumped down frm a tree and tasted d soup next. '£ke, aha, eke!' he cried as soon as d soup had run down his throat.
D oda Big animals came 1 By 1, and dey all cried out '£ke, aha, eke!' Den d smaller animals came. None of dem pass d test, either. With dire little voices dey all cried out '£ke, aha, eke!'
D Tortoise arrieved last of all ß'cos he walk more slowly dan d odas. He drank a few spoonful of d soup. Although he tried vry hard nt 2 cry out, at last he just had 2 cry out. Bt he was clever. He did it dis way. Mr Tiger, did I hear u say I must nt cry out '£ke, aha, eke!? Asked Tortoise. He took anoda spoonful of d soup. Mr Tiger is it true dat evn d Lion had 2 cry out '£ke, aha, eke!? He asked.
D wise Tortoise went on eating d soup. It so hot dat he had 2 cried out '£ke, aha, eke!' Bt each time he had 2 cry out, he pretended 2 ask anoda qexion with '£ke, aha, eke!' in it.
At last d pot was empty. Tortoise had eaten all d hot soup. Mr Tiger thought dat he had neva cried out '£ke, aha, eke!' nd let Tortoise marry his Beautiful daughter.
So Tortoise wisdom paid him dis time...

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gud story

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Is Gud 2 Apply Wisdom