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1 Jul 2014 14:39

There is a very easy and fun way to make your day interesting. Take a book and open any random page. Then quickly read a random sentence and post it here. Let's see what you've got!

1 Jul 2014 14:50

throughout life people will hurt u nd treat u bad but let God deal with d things they do cause hatred in ur heart will consume u also

1 Jul 2014 18:51

Life is natural

1 Jul 2014 20:10

Wat a huge problem we face dis days! We dont Consult God nd our elders any longer, We are too clever our focus point is too self righteous! Nd believe In My way or d Highway,

1 Jul 2014 22:18

Life is a journey its depends how far u go nd hw prepared u are.

1 Jul 2014 22:39

People will hate u, rate u, nd shake u,buh how u stand is wat makes u.

1 Jul 2014 23:36

Life is all about mistories

2 Jul 2014 00:14

We r on a jorney in diz world,were we are now we r just resting,we wl go bk 2 were we kum 4rm.

2 Jul 2014 00:51

You cannot destroy a man,buh u can only defeat hm.

2 Jul 2014 00:55

Life is all about wristiing combat, if u win u ar d best

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2 Jul 2014 00:58

In life how u move does not matter wherthere u crul, walk,jump,buh is how fast it wil take u.

2 Jul 2014 01:09

Never believe on anyone be urslf nd u will suceed

2 Jul 2014 01:15

Never let the fear of stiking out keep you from playing the game.

2 Jul 2014 01:24

Nofin in life is to be is only to be understnd?

2 Jul 2014 01:26

It takes one whu is determine 2 achieve a particular goal in life

2 Jul 2014 01:28

In a land of the blind a one eye man is the king

2 Jul 2014 04:12


2 Jul 2014 08:05

when you live in reaction,you give your power away.Then you get to experience what you.gave your power to.....Jesus is coming very soon...REPENT.

2 Jul 2014 08:53

Trying to tear down ur past will prohibit u from buildin up ur future.

2 Jul 2014 08:57

everybody is unique and special in their own way.