Nigerian forum: Politics - Politics! What an Obnoxious.[/b]
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2 Feb 2014 09:37

This days our Politicians are embarrassing us, making people think we don't have potentials in Nigeria. Now, plenty of people doesn't believe in a saying that, "MAJORITY carry(s) the VOTE, instead they are now into MINORITY carry(s) the VOTE"
What an Obnoxious!
#Politics! Disgusting...
Anyway, like or not, "those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy". (Psalms 126:5)

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3 Feb 2014 00:18

I want 2 be d next 2015 nigeria presedent bcos wt d ledar are aftar money not evin noing dat d country is gieting out of hend. Bot wen i be d president nigeria i will renow jebar brege after dat

3 Feb 2014 01:10

There is no politics in nigeria bcos they did not learn from God holy begotten Son Jesus. So their ways are not of God but of men.

4 Feb 2014 12:36
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