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1 Feb 2014 23:12

A guy promised his girlfriend 20klast week
as they were chatting on BBM. She then went to visit him in Abuja unexpectedly. She asked him of d 20k he promised her. He told her dat he's travelling to Minna in d next 5mins, but he
gave her his GTB ATM card dat she can withdraw all she wanted till he comes back, knowing fully well dat he has less than 5k in d
As soon as they made Luv, she kissed him &
left. D guy quickly left d house bcos he knows dat she will soon come back crying.
Unfortunately for him, as he was driving past
Zuba, his Elder brother called him on d phone saying "Bros, you don get d Alert? I just dey komot from GTB oh! I don pay that 100k wey
I dey owe you into your account, Thanks So Much"
:|Meeen!!! See Sweat!!!:
( Few minutes later, he got d alert confirming 100k Credited. D guy wan die as d money enter his account. He couldn't rest, He tried calling his GF's phone, but it was switched off.
He tried PINGING!!! Pinging no deliver.
D next minute, Alerts:
20k Debited,
20k Debited,
20k debited,
20k debited,
20k debited.
Even d last 5k withdrawn...
He fainted & found himself on d hospital
bed. See Gobe naaa

1 Feb 2014 23:26

Gobe Extra:
SS :- Is when you buy BLACKBERRY PORSCHE of #350,000 and landlord dey pursue your mama cos of 12k HOUSE RENT for village.

FAITH :- Is using the last money on you to buy wallet.(wetin u go put inside d wallet)?

STUPIDITY :- Is having SIX BIG CARS while living in a rented apartment ( Eko for SHOW, Lagos mumu ) .

WEALTH :- Is when you buy a first class return ticket to UK just to pick up a forgotten wrist watch ( Money speaking ).

WASTAGE :- Is buying a big MANSION at Asokoro in Abuja and only your Mai-guard and House Maid dey live there ( Political armed robber ).

TROUBLE :- Is slapping a soldier in front of a quater guard in a barracks ( You may not live well enough to tell the story ).

IRONY :- Is having the chairman of an Okada Association driving a Range Rover Sport ( He cannot come and die na ).

FOOLISHNESS :- Is taking a #5,000 cab to watch a film of #1,000 at Eko Hotel...( Abegiii! Why you no fit wait for the pirated copy now ).

LOVE :- Is buying suya for your girlfriend while you eat only the onions with tears rushing from your eye ( You love her abi??? Hunger never deal with you ).

MADNESS :- Is when a lady flirts with a Rich HIV/AIDS victim so as to get money to buy BRAZILLIAN HAIR ( Hmmm....Life don tire you abi??? ).

DIRTINESS :- Is when Cockroach, Rat, Ant, Spider becomes your Roommates and you say '' God created them for a purpose '' ( Na lie! Na money wey you go use buy trap, insecticide no dey ).

STINGINESS :- Iswhen you finish reading this and you didn't re-broadcast so that your friends can LAUGH too............dnt stop the fun...

2 Feb 2014 17:28

more fun & jokes @

14 Feb 2014 21:26

Hahaha.Akpos d Great

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Oo boi

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hw fer aysha

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