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1 Feb 2014 08:58

Y is it dt wen a woman cnt gv birth on tym in d marriage, d moda-in-law wil turn against her? Is it nt God dt gvs?

29 Jul 2014 09:53

Hi Pearl20. It is a very complicated issue u just expressed in few words. Its a horrible experience for the woman that is better imagined than experienced.

Every mother looks forward to being a grandmother. And when it seems as if it will not happen soon, anxiety creeps in. This makes them to lose their sense of reasoning which makes them to also forget that the problem could come from their sons. Very sad. I really feel for the childless couples.

Please find time to read this post on CHILDLESSNESS. I am sure it will partly answer your question....

Edited by MikeMon / 29 Jul 2014 09:55