Nigerian forum: Literature - struggle in African literature
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31 Jan 2014 15:23

what is your views on the struggles of the great fallen men of african literature? Pls share ur views

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9 Mar 2014 01:46

as for me, there were lots of struggles. I want to use Chinua Achebe's works as an illustration. I think his work Things Fall Apart, was used to change the white mans view abt the black man. He wanted them to know that; though the black man might be primitive in his ways, but he is a man who loves, care about and protect his community. He also portrayed the strength of th black man in the character of Okonkwo. Many books written then by the white men about the black man portrayed a man who is weak and easily defeated. This was what Achebe struggled to correct. His Things Fall Apart was a reply to Joyce's Mr Johnson.