Nigerian forum: Business - How to use forums to promote your blog.
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31 Jan 2014 03:50

It's a very simple method but yet effective way to promote your blog. Through the use of online forums you can promote your blog posts and gain a lot of traffic towards your website.

The first thing to do is to find the best forum which is related to the topic of your blog and register up as a member of that forum.

Once you have selected a forum that suits your niche and register up, then you will need to customize your profile. Most of the boards allow the user to create a signature, make sure you use it to place a link to your blog with a small description of what users will find there.

After completing the 1st stage of registration and customization of your profile, just engage in the forum discussions and contribute with useful information, so that people will want to check out your signature link. you can add links that relates to the topic discussed as a reference.

2 Feb 2014 17:43

It is good to teach people, just don't knw how to create my site.

7 Mar 2014 06:41

create ur topic suggestion

5 May 2014 19:03

Pls i need a better explanation of this blog thing, am interested im creating a site. Pls send me a reply.

27 May 2014 02:08
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27 May 2014 02:09
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28 Jul 2014 00:25

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5 Oct 2015 21:03

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21 Jan 2017 20:26

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