Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - IN ALL RELATIONSHIP WHO TELL LIES MOST.
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29 Jan 2014 22:52

We are tring to balance d weight been droped on us. Who are d us? Dats U nd I.

30 Jan 2014 09:10

mens do

30 Jan 2014 10:54

Wmen do mostly

30 Jan 2014 11:06
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30 Jan 2014 11:53

It depends on individual attitude

30 Jan 2014 14:28


31 Jan 2014 18:30


1 Feb 2014 13:12

Its so hard to tell believe me its only God dat can choose

1 Feb 2014 23:40

Before now, it used to be men mostly but these days my dear, it's 50-50

1 Feb 2014 23:56

Men lie more bt women lie big. Let us take 4 instance men lie abt 6 times a day bt women lie once or twice. men lie dis kind of lie. U dey wit another babe 4 hotel u grl cal u wit ur phone u told her u re in a meetin wit d M.D. After 1 our she stil cal brk u reject d cal. After a while she stil cal nd ask y u reject her cal nd u said is d ntwrk problm, after 2hrs she stil cal, u told her u re on ur way home bt the is hold up mean while u re stil in d hotel. u reach home u go strait 2 ur grl hurg her nd kiss her nd said sory 4 d inconvenience 2day was very hertic. NOTIN SPOIL, UR MAN STIL CM BRK TO YOU, HE WIL STIL GO 2 CHURCH WIT YOU, SLEEP ON DSAME BED WIT U. Women lie dis kind of lie............ I swear 2 u honey dis baby is urs mean while na another man get d child nd nt u. Bt bcos u dnt knw u hav 2 take dat big responsibilty. After u train d child another man wil cary d child 4rm u. Lolz

2 Feb 2014 08:01

boys always tell a lie.....

2 Feb 2014 15:38

U seem talking from expirienc

2 Feb 2014 16:30

Girls bbe g P

2 Feb 2014 23:51

If i may say is 50=50

4 Feb 2014 01:38


4 Feb 2014 12:40
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7 Feb 2014 16:25

Lets be frank here please. Na 50.50. I do cheat and cover it up with huge lies likewise my gal

7 Feb 2014 19:26

ladies uesd to lie

7 Feb 2014 20:51


7 Feb 2014 20:59

Both but man much than woman