Nigerian forum: Health - causes of miscarriage
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26 Jan 2014 23:16

De main cause is psychological factor

28 Jan 2014 15:34

D cause is panic

28 Jan 2014 22:23

Too much of stress at early stage..

29 Jan 2014 14:27

The cause of it is old age marrieg.too much of strees before marrieg

29 Jan 2014 18:05

Having sex during pregnancy

21 May 2014 21:21

Says who?

20 Jul 2014 08:57

2 much of stress.

7 Aug 2014 12:02

non of u talk sense at all what is ur name at first u said ppsychological problem soon u say is old age marriage Ok.maybe u re not even married not 2 talk of knowing what n how marriage is made of vickestvick,what of our fadaz dat got married 2 young women at age 60 produce healthy children dat re alive 2day,how many matured ibo men n women have beautiful healthy siblings afta marriage.u re just tryin 2 misled othaz with ur fake topic n ansa.try digging deep b4 starting a topic n concluding.thanx

17 Aug 2014 08:28

Causes miscarriage are as follows infection , hormonal imbalances , stress , hard drugs etc

17 Sep 2016 17:58

D Cause Is Some Women Use Pils Nt 2 Get Pregnant Wen Dey Stop It And Ready 4 Pregnancy Dey Go 2ru Miscarriage