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26 Jun 2014 00:12

My dear friends,any idea on how to create a website?, please leave a message.....

26 Jun 2014 14:50

i can teach you how to creat a website you need to know things like HTML code and file zila for toking if you want halla me on 08023106219

26 Jun 2014 17:20


26 Jun 2014 17:37

to open website in a free and easy way without using HTML code and file zila to lunch it there is a template to you can use to creat a free website but it is going to be your domain name and the company name for more details add me on facebook omorodion irorere and whatsapp on 08023106219 your website can be ready in less than two hours if you have all your details ready

26 Jun 2014 17:55

to create a website u must have a knowledge of HTML code DAT if u wanna do it urself dat template is already design wat if u need ur own design will u waste ur time searching for template as a site owner u have to have d knowledge of HTML code add me in whatsapp 08051325426 or bbm 7A0D6F25 to learn html code

26 Jun 2014 22:01

Helo am balogun tope am a computer engr in practical and i want 2 knw abt programing also i dnt av experience of HTML so hw can i meet up wit dis av already add u on facebook

27 Jun 2014 02:42

Type HTML on Google search it and click on the first link that says w3school copy all the html code and follow the example step by step you can start with notepad note all your work should be save with .html, most work can be down offline you need to have a laptop to or a desktop to make work easier

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27 Jun 2014 06:14

Oops,HTML is not a programming language but a Markup Language which goes along with Css...If want to create a site u will need Programming language such as Php,JQuery,Python,Mysql,AJax,C ,Javascript,Java and so on.If u have interest u can choose to study any u prefered but I bet its going to take longer to study or if u want it to be coded for u and manage,u can contact this number 08163333901 or Email at or find me on facebook by Adesina Ojo cyloger.

27 Jun 2014 12:23


27 Jun 2014 12:32

My name is sunday opeyemi jacob ave ad u on fbook pls i ned ur help.

27 Jun 2014 13:49
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27 Jun 2014 15:38

before you contact me you need to have a desktop or a laptop and i prefare whatsapp for easy communication 08023106219

27 Jun 2014 18:43

You dont talk like that just to market your affiliate link

27 Jun 2014 20:35

Get Intouch With Me For Internet/street Visible Marketing,,08137235100

27 Jun 2014 21:07

Pls ad me on facbok ojo timothy

27 Jun 2014 21:23

Haveing a website is very simple but,the question is,can you edit it to your desire 'yes' i can teach you how to make your site look the way you want it,If you need a teacher on how to creat a website,facebook fanpage,or you want to make a blog,i can be a good coach,and i will also teach you how to teach others,just enter ,click on Bio-gro forum,then you will see a big parkege that i have for you,and you can also see how to make good money with that your web site.

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28 Jun 2014 01:23

I just want 2 no more

28 Jun 2014 01:59

pls teach me

28 Jun 2014 13:57

Hey you are all invited to Join us @ for free Thanks and welcome!

28 Jun 2014 13:59

Thank u 2