Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - WHY IS IT SO HARD TO TELL SOMEONE "I love You?".
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25 Jun 2014 00:00

True lovers does nt call their patners by name if yu can into that

25 Jun 2014 15:16

Is der TRUE love any where in 9ja? No & y ws 9ja pple no dey eat & stay dey love touch & go even our ladies cn touch 10 a day

26 Jun 2014 09:53

Most of the time it's hard
because it isn't love
anyway it's lust. We must
understand that LOVE is
an action word and NOT
a feeling. When we are
honest with ourselves we
know that we don't love
the person, we might be
fond of them, care about
them, but not love them
in the romantic sense of
the word.

26 Jun 2014 17:23

simply bcos if a guy propose 2 a girl nd d girl reject his offer he wil feel embarazing

26 Jun 2014 17:56

It is only hard 4 people who really meant it 4rm d bottom of their hrt.let me say 99 percent of people out there fake it n is nt difficult 4 dem 2 say it n such people are everywhere.

26 Jun 2014 17:57


26 Jun 2014 18:03
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26 Jun 2014 19:56

u see u may found a girl u luv but if u tell d girl she may tink u are embarce her thats why some guys hate that word called love

26 Jun 2014 20:49

because the person don't want his or her heart to be broken that is why but in nigeria we always fail in love because we are thinking of what we are going to get from the next person and that is not love that is greed because real love is unconditional that is why for me i will always go for true love not money love because money don dey blinde our eyes toward love.

26 Jun 2014 22:10

Bt dere must b a reason 4 dat,thunday

26 Jun 2014 22:28

i guess its hard cuz we do not share same mind nd same understanding

26 Jun 2014 22:35

Luv do exist bt it's depend on d angle we luk at it,some pple luk at it as Lust while some luk at it as unconditional,if truely both parties luv each other it wont b difficult 2 say i luv u, except it's of d lust.

26 Jun 2014 23:33


26 Jun 2014 23:35

i lov baby

27 Jun 2014 00:43

Love is a feeling and d great book which is d bible Made it clear to us that out of d abountant of d heart d mouth speaket so if u have this feeling called love in ur heart u will say it.

27 Jun 2014 00:47

In my own undastadin,y is b/c so many dont say it 4rm deir hart,& last it wl be a hart
brak i tink odas 'r now afred

27 Jun 2014 01:01

I lv u is hard be cos yu dot no the mide of yu love

27 Jun 2014 02:10

Deceive yourselves claiming you love your partners yet you can't sacrifice a little thing for each another. The simple truth is that in this present generation,sex is just the main milestone in relationship these days but majority will disagree with that. Take for instance a guy dating a girl and knowing fully well he'll definitely push the girl when the opportunity rises same as a lady who goes out with a guy just for the fun. How do you expect both of them to say the word 'I LOVE YOU' to their partners. 'LOVE' is when you take away the feeling, the passion and the romance in a relationship and find out you still care for that person but these days, the probability of finding true love is 0.01%.

27 Jun 2014 07:31

Well, one can say it aint hard buh they are just afraid of the response they'll get.

27 Jun 2014 08:39

I LOVE YOU,,,,,,You see? its not hard.....