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25 Jan 2014 21:47

Wapka designers needed urgently,if u are one kindly comment or inbox me.

26 Jan 2014 17:50

i need to know something about wapka

26 Jan 2014 23:29

i'm one. wat do u wanna kw?

29 Jan 2014 22:52

Am a wapka + php guru but I can put my site here because its spamming

1 Feb 2014 18:00

am a wapka designer....

8 Mar 2014 21:14
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27 Apr 2014 16:47

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13 May 2014 09:04

Am a wapka designer, chek my site @ www¤fansville¤cf

19 May 2014 20:59

Visit to get any tips/tricks on web designing. Get fr33 mb data plan there 2

23 May 2014 09:41

ama web developer / wapka geek, wanna knw more add me on 2go via professor999 or whatsapp: 08161286912

26 Jun 2014 01:33

Plz i nid a wapka guru that wil help me to creat a gud wel wapka site plz am begin all the boss here help ur buy

26 Jun 2014 08:36

Hmm.dis is kul

26 Jun 2014 09:03

Plz am beging all my boss here help me to dsgn my website

27 Jun 2014 10:26

I can help u contact me via 08051325426

28 Jun 2014 22:44

Drop ur 2go username

26 Aug 2014 19:32


30 Aug 2014 14:48

Plz my site iz but i cant design it plz ur help iz needed plz

2 Sep 2014 11:48
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3 Sep 2014 15:06

To be able to design a website, you must be a programmer and for you to be a programmer, you must learn programming . We have different language e.g php, python, aspx, c#, java, netbeans e.t.c

facebook, google, wikipaedia was built using php. Youtube was built using aspx.

It all depends on you, the one you choose to learn and your determination to learn it.

All of them is good and serve their own purposes.
From a personal perspective, php is more easier to learn.

To learn php, i recommend Brykt Forums. For other languages, just comment. . .

3 Sep 2014 15:08

Questions? Comment

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