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23 Jun 2014 16:37

If you want to get a site like naijaloaded nairaland or any of ur kind just email me: and remember i must show u prove that i can do it thanx

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24 Jun 2014 02:12
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26 Jun 2014 00:10

Ok dat nice

26 Jun 2014 00:55

Drop ur 2go user plz

26 Jun 2014 05:16

wat is the wapsite like?

26 Jun 2014 17:52

Any wapka site dat is gud and av trendin music,post,video,news

29 Jun 2014 10:17

I wan to open an email.

30 Jun 2014 23:55

The site like

30 Jun 2014 23:58


11 Jul 2014 10:16

Add me on 2go for website building tupac435

24 Jul 2014 14:57
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25 Jul 2014 11:47

I dont have time to waste, so i'll go straight to the point. This web hosting service is the best i can say for you if you host your website with you can get a free/custom domain.
All those errors and probs u have been experiencing in ur former host e.g cpu limit exceeded, service unavailable, could not connect, parse error, etc you wont experience them here coz with you have unlimited disk space and bandwith even with a free hosting account. The servers are superband extremely fast in delivering your query.
1)Fast FTP Client
2)Auto-Installer scripts e.g wordpress,DCMS,JCMS,etc i will soon add pbnl and other cool scripts.. So u dont even need to upload script.. Just choose andit will edit and install to your taste
3)mysql database- fuly secured and protected against sql injection. The host protects your site from any form of sql injection
4)built-in firewall:- you dont need to install any firewall that somebody gave you, once you install your script.. A firewall is inside already so your site is 100% secured
5)Free Local Doman:- Using the free local domain, u can get free .com .net tk .ru domains free of charge and you can go premium at a cheap price
6)PHPMyAdmin:- PHPMyAdmin is also firewalled and secured against errors that are not disclosed in the database
7)Effective Help Desk/Customer care:- Incase you have problem with the host which i know u will never have problem, the customer service is fast and effective.
8)Backup:- the backup is in so many formats that suit your device .zip .tar.rar .sql.gz etc
9)Unlimited FTP login:- Unlike other hosts u are limited to ftp login, u will bescared that they will suspend your site... But it is not the same on , we have a special FTP client for you and also a filemanager
10)Web Builder/Google Adsense:- When you host your site with WhoGoHost.tK, your site is submited to 70+ search engines via submit express :music
and many more.

My advice for you is to come out of your shell and move and promote your site today, you will not be suspended for overloading u are free to put as many scripts as you want.
As for me, it is the best host, although i am using i am not using it:hahaha i only use it for domain. But i advice you u use it, if you are the type dat is always experiencing CPU limit exceeded, there is solution for you now.
I rest my case :pepsi

25 Jul 2014 22:41

Visit[/ul] to learn every details on how to creat a website. Both php and xhtml

10 Sep 2014 11:09


10 Sep 2014 12:31

visit and you wil get all you want

11 Sep 2014 13:28
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4 Oct 2014 09:56

if really u want to open an Email account pls call me 08105957970, it will cost little i promise i will not charge u much ok...

5 Oct 2014 18:44

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23 Oct 2014 14:56

24 Oct 2014 16:16