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23 Jun 2014 09:50

Are people working because they love thier job/work or because they don't have a choice?

23 Jun 2014 13:55
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23 Jun 2014 14:02

Most people does'nt like the work they do,while some like their work.
You can't tell me a graduate,doing a bus conductor,sellin pure water on street,riding motor cycle, they will do any work to survive,
They don't have a choice....
Have experience it before

23 Jun 2014 19:37

Yea handzome pple work nowadays not because they love thier work but they gat no choice @ mitze who doesn't know the importance of work,of course it's needed to make a living. or if you are told that you will be paid a million monthly without doing anything, would you work?

24 Jun 2014 02:14

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25 Jun 2014 10:36

precisely in Nigeria, 90% of workers work cos dey got no choice..dats y we see pharmacists working in opening chemist...

26 Jun 2014 08:26

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11 Jul 2014 16:16
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12 Jul 2014 17:54

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25 Jul 2014 11:00

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21 Aug 2014 12:50

I work because i dont have a choice. Iv not seen the job that i like.

12 Oct 2015 04:49
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