Nigerian forum: Politics - What must we do to make the Nigeria a better place politically??
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25 Jan 2014 13:52

Pls commnt

26 Jan 2014 17:15

Reviewing our educational system and political system is the key

26 Jan 2014 22:58

the only way to make nigeria better is this let our leaders shout coperate

27 Jan 2014 00:40

Dnt u think choosing,appointing,electing and voting 4 the rite leader cn be a factor? Nt leaders with centiment nd tribalism.

29 Jan 2014 01:18

The man make nigeria better is Alh Atiku Abubakar

8 Mar 2014 18:07

Deenykabeer if u tink he's d 1 den vote 4 him. No yawa.

11 Mar 2014 08:11

Vote out bad and leaders with no thinking ability,,imagine Jonathan honour late Gen Sanni Abacha,,a brutal murderer and thief of international repute.

16 Mar 2014 06:57

allow the youth to b rule the nation

15 Apr 2014 20:43

For our political environment to be transformed, we must all join the race against instability and injustice. Citizens should be allowed to choose who they wish to be their leader. Godfatherism should must be terminated in our political arena; Equality before the law must be transparent and the people of this country must learn how to tolerate the difference of other ethnic groups. The youths should have positive and developmental goals for their communities and the country at large.

27 Apr 2014 19:12

What we should do is we pray dat God should change our leader's mind

27 Apr 2014 19:13

We should sent gud luk jonathan away frm presidentia

26 Jun 2014 01:55

let their b division

26 Jun 2014 10:39


1 Sep 2014 02:59

Wat u guys said are gud buh,in my own undastandin even if our youths lead and d bad leaders are kiled just like a frd said,my broda it wil neva solve d problem both politically and religionally,dats becos politics is nt a childs play,politics is all about hatred,revenge,anger,greed,kilin,etc i believe d best solution 2 niger problem is LOVE.both our leaders and we d citizens shuld learn hw 2 love our felow human being inrespect of d culture,tribe and language of d person

1 Sep 2014 03:03

Becos if dea is love among our leaders and we d citizens,den dea wil b ntin like kilin,kidnap,revenge,greed etc.Love is d key,weda nigeria is divided or nt,weda d bad leaders are kiled or nt,weda jornatan did nt win or nt,weda our youth lead or,if dea is no Love in dis country den niger wil never change.PLS LET LOVE LEAD.tnx

1 Sep 2014 09:22

we should vote 4d right person.

24 Oct 2014 00:39

D believe dat politics is a business must stop, political campaigns and rallies must stop been made as a sent off ceremony. When d aspirant has invested heavily on campaigns by giving out different goodies to poeple . So when dey eventually assume office, dey will first recovered 100percent of what dey have spent for d next three yrs, d remaining days will devoted to effective service to buy people's interest. So our constitution must b re-visited and amended to remove extravagant spending during campaign

24 Oct 2014 11:52

I agree bros. They turn 2 mi and my family agenda to make deir selfish earn nd nidz

24 Oct 2014 12:03
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4 Nov 2014 12:10

My frnd b4 no be we dy cal ghana say ghana must go,c ghana don go.d advc wy i wan gv nw na to as ghana do for there leaders o if nt nigeria no go be like ghana.