Nigerian forum: Education - What's Your Take With eBooks?
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21 Jun 2014 23:18

Books are meant to be man’s best friends for life! They are proven sources of experiences, wisdom, facts, knowledge, etc. In this light the more you read, the better your understanding and knowledge grows; one becomes sharp as your intelligence and responsiveness is sharpened. In today’s digital world what else could fulfill that role effectively, other than a digital book (eBooks).

eBooks in this vein should be your best friend for life. This relationship is a life time, because reading is a mental exercise that keeps the cell of the brain active and more nourished. And since life improvement and life goals achievements have to work within a competitive space, reading books for new ideas and their execution becomes all the more important.

There is a great opportunity emerging from the eBook business; with hundreds of publishers, like Amazon, Kobo, NookPress (Barn & Noble), Gardners, Vooks, SmarteBookShop, etc, providing a great platform for a levelled playing field.

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