Nigerian forum: Family & kids - why is divorce rampart in the World today?
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20 Jun 2014 14:36

Why is divorce common in the world today? Is divorce a Sin?

20 Jun 2014 14:38

According to the bible divorce in a Sin... SO do U̶̲̥̅̊' also thing it is a Sin?

21 Jun 2014 13:51

Because most of us go into it out of ignorance, or we were not ready, not sure of what we want, or just doing it because we feel marriage is a must. We should only marry when we are ready, especially, emotionally.

24 Jun 2014 18:36

Becos many ppl deceive themselves that they r in love but in truth, they r lying and any relationship built on lies is bound to fail

25 Jun 2014 10:44


16 Jul 2014 00:06

Bcos men of nowadays dnt wnt 2 settle wit one woman.