Nigerian forum: Forum games - Let's Play This Word Game Called " The Last Man Standing"
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8 Jan 2014 15:33

The one who comments last wins, with each WORD that ends your sentence, the next person to comment will use your last WORD to start his or her sentence.
Example: "welcome to the game", next person will start with "GAME" E.g "Game of this sort is for kids"
Next person'll start with "KIDS" and so on....

Please if you find out your comment is not in line with the GAME'S rule, delete and try again.
I'll start with:
In life what you really want will never come easy.
Next person should start with "EASY". Let's go....

20 Jan 2014 16:21

Easy tin my brother dont run 2 faster

31 Jan 2014 14:52

faster or fast, one should be prepared to run his/her race with both speed and accuracy. But remember, more haste, less speed

12 Feb 2014 14:57

Less speed you said....but you hv to speed up with anything concerning ur education time waits for no towards ur destiny...

15 Feb 2014 15:26

destiny is a word that deceives many people. They take law into their hands and claim that it was their destiny to do so. They do all sort of ungodly things and claim that they have been destined to be the way they are.

25 Feb 2014 18:50

are there any world else to be used than destiny of choice

27 Feb 2014 14:15

choice of ur goal in life

4 Mar 2014 20:20

life is a stage according to William Shakespeare. He said it is a place where men and women come to act. Wen they finishes their parts, they exits

9 Mar 2014 01:24

exits to were? Oh i see i think this game is more interesting to me than the others. When will mobofree declare the winner? What is the duration of d game? Pls make it more interesting

11 Mar 2014 07:55

interestin dis is reli gud

13 Mar 2014 00:45

gud beta best i shall never rest until my gud is beta and my beta best

13 Mar 2014 00:53

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13 Mar 2014 01:09
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13 Mar 2014 01:34


13 Mar 2014 02:33

Fast they say but u can't run faster than ur shadow

13 Mar 2014 03:31

shadowis an area where direct light from a light source cannot reach due to obstruction by an object.

13 Mar 2014 07:15

object module provide elements for general purpose object inclusion.

13 Mar 2014 11:00

inclusion of the those previews messages should be banned from this game. If anyone want to preach or advertise his/her business, he/she should please go to the appropriate forum or page for that. People should read and listen to instructions before they do what ever pleases them

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13 Mar 2014 14:57

Quote by goldwealth06
Easy tin my brother dont run 2 faster

13 Mar 2014 15:53

faster, but don't be confuse