Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - AMENDING BROKEN HEART
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20 Jan 2014 16:17

We welcome all kind of issues partaining to heart broken who know's little discussion may and can bring fun and love back to dat wounded heart. We expect u to brief us a little. And if u are d type who luv secret u can still call us on phone at 07044239292* Thank u.

21 Jan 2014 22:40

I need ur sweet advice nd encouragment to move on in life. Dis is my story i had a baby boy wit a man i called my fiance 4 gud 2yrs. But not knowing dat he had a wife he had legaly b4 in lagos wit no children. He told me he was going to work one morining nd never returned back home to me. I hav searched every where even d police hav been involved. Dis is 4yrs now witout him sudenly a very close freind of mine who stay in london called me yesterday to tell me she saw my man in a eatery wit a woman who i suspected to b his wife. My people she has sent me an invitation to come over to london to face him one on one. Pls am so confuse do help me out of dis situation. My story. Ann Efe.

23 Jan 2014 17:23

She needs ur advice pals, fans, freinds, and family stop viewing and help her b4 she do d undoable. Thanks

30 Jan 2014 11:41

u dont av to go because of him a guy dat leave you for gud four years is heartless y will u go and risk ur lyf to go and meet him did u hope he will accept u back if u guys are meant to be together GOD knw ow to play dat role pls carry on with ur and achive great tinz dat even wen he see u later he will regret leaving u may GOD be with u

4 Feb 2014 00:10

Girl if he is truly urs, he will cm back 4 u, dnt go bcos of hm, he dose nt deserve it.

17 Feb 2014 13:26

Well u guys have realy done a great help here thank u.

25 Feb 2014 14:25

Dere's sayn dat goes, if u luv smetin let it go, bt if it comes bac 2 it is urs, bt it doesnt it neva was. i jxt agreed 2 wat Vivian Mutu said. Take of ur kid & relax ur mind.

26 Feb 2014 10:27

My sister carry on with your life , one day rich Man will search for poor Man because of needle, don't go take care of your Children God will see you through

11 Mar 2014 01:01

A newer post nd advice seeker's are on d way pls get prepared to help us out as usual. Thank u.

9 Oct 2014 01:38

We are so sorry fans for bailing out on u like dat it was due to d network scrambled area. But we are now back nd better.

22 Apr 2015 17:18

We ment well to u all loyal fans may God bless u all as u follow us

22 Apr 2015 20:42

I will partake in this broken heart amendment Listen Carefully, Key Solution are : hard working, be thankfulness opon all jesus christ is the final