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13 Jun 2014 14:09

Pls is it right for a guy to see a lady for the first time and proposed to her about love that day? Can we called it love or is another thing

13 Jun 2014 14:10

As for me i don't believe love @ first sight

13 Jun 2014 15:55
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13 Jun 2014 16:37
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18 Jun 2014 13:07

It anoda fin cus fuwend cums 1st

18 Jun 2014 13:11

I dnt believe at first sight cus sum boys or gal take yu 4....F F F F.......*found them,*friend them,*fool them,*and forget about them...some of us do nw z #crazie

18 Jun 2014 22:27

I dnt belv inlv @ first sight

21 Jun 2014 14:29

I don't personally see anything wrong in proposing to a lady at your 1st meet. Love is an emotional thing that requires you getting the right vibes. It all depends on the stage you are in being able to discern. Moreover, proposal is not wedding or marriage, is just to say that you are committed and if things work out you desire to remain together for life. I can't see anything wrong in that. So long both of you have the understanding that you are coming from different backgrounds and you resolved to accommodate each other. Whether yo believe it or not, you will still be knowing each other till you die.

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22 Jun 2014 11:11

its really smtin else nt luv bt lust