Nigerian forum: Literature - Do You Enjoy Reading In Print, Audio Or Digital.
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8 Jan 2014 15:26

Like everyone - I've started from printed books. But growing up and facing the ever growing rise of technological advancements, I came to love and cherish reading in digital format. Though it has its disadvantages like when there is no power on your gadgets and you will yearn for that hard copy. There is also the risk of long exposure of the eye to rays from the gadgets. All in all i still prefer reading in digital format. What about you?

16 Jan 2014 17:27

I prefer printed books coz u can carry it anywhere n every whr. 2 me it has no disadvantage

6 Feb 2014 14:07

I prepare hard copy because it is handy and comfortable. No phcn failure etc.

15 Feb 2014 21:53

I prefer reading in digital format because the hassle of carrying books is absent..

27 Feb 2014 14:20


19 Mar 2014 04:02
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24 Mar 2014 08:38


20 Apr 2014 05:46

I like novels in soft copy (digital)
Then school book in prints so that I can underline with my pen or pencil.

22 Apr 2014 15:16

digital prints are good, cost less to publish and edit and author has good chance to gain

18 Jun 2014 04:32

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21 Jun 2014 23:53

The eBook phenomenon is catching up with me, and many millions over the world. With the impact of players like Amazon Kindle, Google Books. Kobo, Barn & Noble, Vooks, etc.

25 Jun 2014 19:21

25 Jun 2014 22:25

Printed books will always best digital......''nothing like original''