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12 Jun 2014 15:54

Just imagine u entered a church so time 4 prayer everyone in d church d speak in tungue exept u wat will u do???

14 Jun 2014 00:25

I'l also pretend to speak in tongues

14 Jun 2014 09:15

why pretends? u need to let me knw ur feelin. U knw problem shared is proble solved

14 Jun 2014 09:21

am so sorry. Wat u need to do is to be prayin u dont need to pretends. Because every all our did will be brought to judgement throne either gud or bad. U should not shy to destroy

14 Jun 2014 11:07

It is a gift,u might hav dat of healing,singing n others,,likewise is another person having dat of speaking in tongue. 2 another is dat of interpritation. U need nt pretend.

14 Jun 2014 16:46

I Wil Feel SumHw But If I Ave D Utterance I Wil Join Dem