Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Pls i need your advise
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10 Jun 2014 16:20

Their is one guy who is a chronic stammering and their is one lady that he love so much with an intention to get marry to her. Pls how is it going to propose to her.

10 Jun 2014 16:21

Pls help him out, you guys in the house or the ladies in the house

10 Jun 2014 16:25

hello sir i suggest u write her about his attention.

10 Jun 2014 16:44

Mayb he should text her msg or he shld invite her to cum and meet him in his house

10 Jun 2014 16:55

y do we have bbm and whats up?

10 Jun 2014 16:55

He has to invited the lady out first to somewhere nice like opening place such as Mr Biggs, Tantalizer to tell her his feeling about the lady

10 Jun 2014 17:22

He should use text message

11 Jun 2014 01:56

Maybe he shuld tel the lady's frnd abt his intention of prosposing to the lady maybe the girl wil understand his feeling nd talk to her frnd abt the boy intension

11 Jun 2014 04:10

There is no big deal there provided that both of them love each other,they must accept each other's weakness,I hope this helps.