Nigerian forum: Jokes - AKPOS VS FATHER INLAW
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5 Jun 2014 22:44

Young man, you coming
to seek my daughter’s
hand in marriage and you are
chewing gum. That’s
a sign of disrespect! Akpors:
Sir, I only chew gum
when I drink or
smoke. Father-In-Law: You
mean u drink & smoke
and you
are here to seek my
daughter’s hand in marriage?
Akpors: Sir I only drink &
smoke when I go to the
club. Father-In-Law: U club
too? Akpors: I’m sorry
sir, I
started clubbing when I came
out of prison. Father-
In-Law:-U’ve also been in
prison before? Oh
my God! Akpors: Sorry sir, I
went to jail when I
somebody! Father-In-Law:-
What!!! U’re a killer???
Akpors: Sir, it happened out of
anger. It was a
certain man that didn’t allow
me marry his
daughter so I killed him.
Father-In-Law: You are
highly welcome my son. U
are on the right track. U are
absolutely the right
man for my daughter.

6 Jun 2014 11:31


6 Jun 2014 11:46

Correct Akpors! What a way 2 marry d inquinsitive man's daughter!

6 Jun 2014 12:39


8 Jun 2014 15:32

It can't happen real, but i think i like it cos it's funny. Big up

9 Jun 2014 18:37

keep it up!

21 Sep 2015 00:34