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5 Jun 2014 00:53

hey pals is it gud for a guy to mary a lady that is older than him{if they luv each othr}

5 Jun 2014 13:45
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5 Jun 2014 13:47

Old ladys,is beter dan yurng ones.

5 Jun 2014 13:48

I like to marri,someone dat senior me.

5 Jun 2014 14:18

A younger lady deserve her own respect from me. A lady that is older than me deserve much more respect from me even if she is half year older than me. Do you want the reverse of the scripture that said wife summit yourself to your husband.

5 Jun 2014 14:22
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5 Jun 2014 14:53

Age is just a number, what matter most is sincerity as in TRUST & LOVE,dis pillars of real relationship.when u ave it,d rest wil manifest.

5 Jun 2014 14:57

it depends on both of them

5 Jun 2014 15:01

If dey both luv each other.den their is notin bad in it.

5 Jun 2014 16:23

its no good

5 Jun 2014 16:48

It depend on LOVE n TRUST

5 Jun 2014 16:54

It is ok

5 Jun 2014 19:05

Yes if really thre's love,,, beside u can't marry someone u do not love,,

5 Jun 2014 19:27

Old is odd

5 Jun 2014 20:10

Too bad, that's crazy because God crated Adam before Eve and not Eve before Adam.

5 Jun 2014 20:42

Totaly rubish,do u kw wats cal lv?dnt u kw dt is an abominatn soon d lady wil die b4 u her skin squece & u lus interest.

5 Jun 2014 20:47

It's normal, but for matual Ladies

6 Jun 2014 07:15

Well nothing new under the earth,,,,,the fact there is that if the both Love each other well no problem suCh is Life!!!!!!

6 Jun 2014 07:22

Notin Wrong Life Goes On Love Is D Main Tin

6 Jun 2014 08:19

Dis is nt funny