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2 Jun 2014 01:10

It's natural that you take care of people you love. But to what extent? When does the caring end and being exploited start?

She needs ur advice:

I'm a non-smoker who met and began dating a man in mumbai, India who smokes. That may seem as a minor thing. But after getting to know him better, I found that smoking was the least of his problems.
Over the course of our relationship, I discovered he had several family, health, financial and alcohol abuse problems, too. I've walked him through overcoming some of these things during our two years together. But other issues seem irresolvable.
He allows his parents to manipulate his life. He's still smoking even though I despise it. I feel that the more I do for him, the less he does for himself.
When I try to discuss these issues with him, he keeps asking me to be patient with him.
At this point, I'm completely fed up with his family. It looks lyk I'm feeling as though I'm doing everything for him but he does nothing for himself.
We are just two years into this relationship and I feel like I need to cut my losses and leave him to his family and get on with my life. He thinks I'm being impatient but I gave him 6 months to stop smoking, and that was a year ago. And it's only the smokng issue. Is it wrong for me to leave for the sake of my health and sanity?

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3 Jun 2014 21:57

U had better leave if u love ur life nd self

3 Jun 2014 22:01

Is there any need of staying in an unhealthy relationshp?pls advise cos he's promisng me marriage next year while,he's not fateful.

4 Jun 2014 12:33

@cherryj marriage s a life-time issue so u nid 2 b careful b4 enterin it so dat u won't make mistakes,if he s unfaithful d possibility of being faithful tro-out d marriage s limited but u can work tinz out since u re nt gettin younger anymore

4 Jun 2014 12:36

2yrs in a relationship yet he s still smokin,i see him as a child who does nt know his reponsibility,hw can a ful grown up man b control by d family.My dear d moment u married such person na hell b dat bcos i don't any changes in such person,d only person who could change him s God.
If u really luv him den b prayin 4 him.