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30 May 2014 18:16

So once I decided to increase my Alexa rank. I've read a lot of interesting blogs/articles and decided to follow these ones:
Tip# 1:Increase the Traffic on your site:

Website traffic will improve when more visitors will be able to come on your site. Which is only possible when your website will index on first few pages in search engine result page ranking.

So it is a long process though, I will give you some tips in general and related to search engine optimization, in brief to increase website traffic.

Non-SEO tips

Consistent Blogging
Encourage visitors to share your site
Guest blogging
Directory listing of your website
SEO tips

Use proper keywords. Use keywords in each of your web page title, description, domain name (on page SEO)
Use ALT tags in images and links
Use proper Anchor tags
Use strategic keywords in meta title
Do a proper on-site and off-site optimization
Good backlinks that can shoot your site at high rank in search engines. Use Do follow links mostly.
Get paid traffic with the help of Google Adwords or Microsoft Ad Centre.
Tip# 2:Install Alexa toolbar

Install Alexa toolbar into your every browser. You can install the toolbar from here. It plays a very important role to track your website

Tip# 3:Put up an Alexa Rank Widget

You can create the Alexa widget and paste the java script codes for it on your html page. Make the Alexa widget for your site from here. It displays the Alexa ranking stats of your website on each of your pages and blogs.

Tip# 4:Encourage your visitors to use Alexa toolbar

It is a very important task to do as it counts on traffic to your website. You can do this by creating your custom toolbar.

Tip# 5:Create Custom toolbar using Alexa Toolbar Creator

So in this forum step by step I will disclose what happened after making each steps, what the result was and will add some interesting screenshots. Stay with me

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30 May 2014 23:02

Tip# 1:Increase the Traffic on your site:
I had no enough money, so started driving small traffic like 10 visitors per day. Nothing happened. My rank was close to zero. So I clearly underststood, that 300 visits per month won't help.
After 1 month of such useless effort I've decided to move to step 2. Read about it more in the next post.

6 Jan 2015 21:53
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