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8 Jan 2014 14:48

Two lovers decided to commit suicide. They got to the mountain top and the lady suggested that the guy jump first being a man, the guy jumped. The lady closed her eye,s walked away and said: love is blind. The guy released his hidden parachute, shook his head and said: true love never dies

14 Jan 2014 09:30

nice joke

16 Jan 2014 04:39

Naja Girls be like ... I am in bed thinking of whom to marry... I love SHOLA, but FEMI is mature... abi make I just close my eyes marry LANR

16 Jan 2014 04:42

BOY: Hello sweetheart
GIRL: Do I know you ?
BOY: I am rich
GIRL: That's nice I love making friends with people like you I want u to be my lover boy and I will be your lover girl
BOY: I mean my name is Rich
GIRL: Get out you this foolish fool

23 Jan 2014 02:03


22 Mar 2014 11:29

Assuming u wake up one morning, preparing to brush ur mouth, then discover that all ur teeth are pure GOLD, you den went to a dentist who confirm to u that each tooth is worth #15 million Naria in d market. what will u do?

23 Mar 2014 07:18

I must surely sell each an every one of them

28 Mar 2014 17:36

juz sell all of dem