Nigerian forum: Computers - Facebook Adds ‘Dislike’
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8 Jan 2014 14:33

Every time I go through Facebook timelines scrolling, reading, but I never truly tell how I feel about each friends update I see. Sometimes I want to yell at computer screen and tell these “friends” I don’t like their pictures. But Facebook believes the language of “likes” and wants us to be overly positive and restricts our ability to be ourselves.
For years, Facebook users wanted a Dislike button option that would allow them to signal a thumbs down on posts or messages they don’t like. Several Facebook community groups are filled with people petitioning for the Dislike button.
Facebook still doesn’t have a Dislike button, but as a result for this user anxieties, its has added a few collection of stickers in its Messenger app which includes an image of a thumbs down. Have you seen it already?

23 Jan 2014 08:20

yeah i have

30 Jan 2014 18:25
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7 Mar 2014 06:52

yes sir on. messenger

8 Jan 2015 18:58
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