Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Things A Guy Shouldn't Do In A Lady's Presence
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1 Jan 2014 06:22

Talk about his father's wealth- women don't want to know about what ur father has accomplished cause she is not going to date your father.
Don't brag about the number of girls you have slept with even if it's 1000 - just reduce the number.
Never say you have flings- no matter what never say in front of lady that you do one night stands its every annoy and irritating.
Don't talk about your bed skills.

Don't her when she's coming to spend the weekend after the 1st date- we know you want sex but don't ask immediately it sounds rude

Don't scratch your manhood in front of a lady cause it will look as if you have infections and you don't expect her to hold your hands after that.

Don't talk about football or act her the club she is supporting- she might pretend she likes football but we ladies don't enjoy soccer, they only do it to please the guy they love.

Don't brag about the amount of money you have in your account or how you spend your money cos you will make her fall in love with your money and not you

14 Jan 2014 01:51

Interesting, many guy hav fallen prey to 2 som of dis mistaks.

15 Jan 2014 13:01

Hnnn hnnnm nawao

16 Jan 2014 11:19

many ladies go for wrong love for d sake of money

16 Jan 2014 21:30
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18 Jan 2014 11:29
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18 Jan 2014 18:46

Nice one!

18 Jan 2014 21:01

U make a speech, right one

19 Jan 2014 15:23

Dat d real truth

19 Jan 2014 16:53

true talk

22 Jan 2014 12:21

Mehn i don't even konw what to say, you good dieeeee

26 Feb 2015 21:13

Nice point

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26 Feb 2015 21:19

Good observation, u really analyzed it, that's splendid

26 Feb 2015 21:37

Hmmm number 6 sounds awkward Nice though

26 Feb 2015 21:39


26 Feb 2015 21:49

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