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Medistem2000 (Medical Information Management System) a Hospital Information of Medistem2000 [HOSPITAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM]Management System is a relational database application developed for management of hospitals and company staff clinics. This application was developed to enhance productivity, security, and the efficiency in any health centre. The software was developed around a modern hospital and has, therefore, taken into consideration all minute details of activities that may be required in the business of managing modern-day hospitals and clinics. Medistem2000 automates the process of managing a patient, starting from the point at which the patient walks into the hospital, to the point of consulting a doctor, laboratory investigations, drug prescription, dispensing and administration, admission (if required), to the point of discharge. It is a complete end-to-end solution. It keeps records of the doctors’ diagnosis, drugs dispensed, lab tests performed as well as results of these tests, and also the cost of these activities. Medistem2000 also consists of a billing module for use in cost charge back to the patients. Generated bills can be posted directly to the HMO to which the patient is attached for settlement.
One feature which makes Medistem2000 very attractive to users is the fact that it was developed for the Microsoft Windows environment, a very user-friendly and easy-to-use operating environment which makes computing a delight. Medistem2000 is fully menu-driven with an interface that closely resembles all other Windows applications. As a result, people who are already familiar with the Windows operating environment will need little or no training before becoming power users of Medistem2000.
Medistem2000 is a multi-user system designed to run on a Local Area Network (LAN) with all the hospital’s data stored in a central database from which all modifications and additions are made by various system users from remote personal computers or terminals. Each user is assigned a security access level which decides what part of the database he has access to as well as what modifications he is allowed (or not allowed) to make to the database. It also has provision for a general system administrator (who may be the head of the hospital if he so pleases or computer support staff). This system administrator has access to all parts of the database and application and it is his duty to assign passwords to users and decide what access level should be assigned to each.

Medistem2000 was developed using PowerBuilder®version 8.0 and supports a wide variety of relational database management systems, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. A web-based version is currently in the works and will become commercially available with effect from June 2015.
One thing that makes Medistem2000 unique is the fact this is a wholly Nigerian developed Medical Information Management System. It has been developed over a period of twenty years with due consideration of the Nigerian situation. Medistem2000 was developed by a project team comprising of medical practitioners (medical doctors, pharmacist, nurses, etc.), systems development consultants, and very skilled computer programmers and systems integration. The development over the years has made extensive use of inputs from corporate health care providers like NNPC, CBN, Garki General Hospital, State House Clinic, Abuja, etc.
It uniqueness is also that it’s generic. It has the capacity to be configured for any class of health centre; ranging from primary to tertiary health centres. Medistem2000 can be suited for a Teaching Hospital to a 21st century small clinic. Its robustness is yet to be equalled. It was built with all the changes of the Nigeria economic situation in-mind. This uniqueness makes it suitable and affordable for your hospital.
Another important feature of Medistem2000 is that it can be used to manage the pharmaceutical records of more than one pharmacy at a time. It could be configured to have a main pharmacy unit connected to several satellite stations, all of whose data could be managed centrally from the central pharmacy or remotely from their individual locations. It could also be configured to have a main pharmacy store connected to a dispensary store that in turn will be connected to several dispensing units.
Medistem2000 is very modular in design, consisting of the sixteen modules in three sub-systems as described below. These modules are inter-connected in the background by the database, and data items passed seamlessly from one to the other to make an efficient paperless hospital management.

1. Central Store
2. Dispensary Store
3. Dispensary
4. Medical Administration
5. Non Drug-Store Management
6. Medical Records
7. Consulting
8. Dental Clinic
9. Eye Clinic
10. Medical Laboratory (Investigation)
11. Maternal and child care
12. Nursing
13. Medical Screening
14. Organisation
15. Medical Billing
16. X-Ray(Radiography) Unit
17. System Administration
# Module Description
1. Medical Records This module keeps records of all patients’ medical history. This includes a record of all allergies, known sensitivities and conditions as well as a history of all clinical visits, diagnosis and treatment, patients registration, guest patients registration, daily clinical attendance management, medical appointment management, O.P.D. management. It constitutes the central artery of Medistem2000.
2. Consulting The consulting module presents interfaces for physicians and consultants to access and modify patient’s medical records. It contains an interface for doctors to enter case file information, prescribe medication, recommend laboratory tests, pencil patient for admission, surgery and pre/post operation, ward round management, patient monitoring, death registry, management of several clinics. Information is dispatched in real time (online) directly to the dispensing units, medical laboratory, in-patient care departments, etc.
3. Medical Laboratory/ Investigation This module keeps appointment schedules for medical laboratory tests, as well as results of the tests performed.
4. Eye Clinic This module is used to keep appointment schedules for eye tests, and also for storing results of eye tests performed.
5. Medical Screening This module tracks periodic medical screening for patients. It keeps record of periodic tests that have been undertaken, and tracks all the outstanding ones.
6. Radiology This module keeps record of x-rays performed on patients. It also contains an image managing function for storage, retrieval and examination of x-ray images.
7. Dental Clinic This module is used to keep appointment schedules and records for dental treatments.
8. Nursing The nursing module is used for managing out-patient and in-patient care. The module keeps record of vital signs of patients during clinic visits or in-patient admission, injection administration, wound dressing, treatments charts, observations, etc.
9. Maternal & Child Care This module manages ante-natal care for pregnant mothers as well as administration of vaccinations for new-born and growing children.
# Module Description
1. Central Store For administration of the central pharmacy store. Keeps records of all procurements and allocation to subsidiary stores. This module is equipped with intelligence for detection of expired/expiring drugs as well as detection of items below minimum stocking level, Expired drug management, Active/Non-active drug management, etc.
2. Dispensary Store This module manages all the subsidiary/dispensary stores that feed of the central store. It is equipped with functionality for making on-line stock requisitions from the Central Store, as well as for receiving similar requests from underlying dispensing units.
3 Dispensary / Ward This module keeps records of drugs dispensed to patients, both from the central dispensing units as well from the in-patient wards and monitoring units. Prescriptions are sent online to this module by Doctors’ from the Consulting unit described below.
# Module Description
1. Medical Administration The Medical Administration module maintains the ledger for all financial transactions of the hospital. It is from this unit that requests for new expenditure (for new procurements, out-of-stock drugs, staff allowances, etc.) are made and approved. The module is also equipped with functionality for raising and managing contracts, purchase orders, work orders, setting financial periods, staff claims management, tax payment management, third-party hospital management, referrals to outside hospitals management, etc.
2. Billing This module is used for cost show back and charge-back to patients (where applicable). It generates an invoice for a patient after each clinic visit, and keeps records of payments made, etc. while keeping track of any outstanding balances.
3. Office Administration The Office Administration module is the “real estate” module of the system. It provides functionality for managing day-to-day running of the office, including procurement of stationery, office furniture, etc. as well as allocation of these to hospital staff. Like the central store module, it is equipped with modules for online stock requisitions, ordering of new materials, etc.
This is the non-medical module of the system. It is used for controlling access to the system, managing security and confidentiality of patients’ data.

We believe from the above specifications and other integral components of the software your hospital management can move to the next level of hospital administration which includes:
1. Proper patient file and data management
2. Speedy attendance to patient and
3. More patient turn-over
4. Medical data security
5. Staff productivity management
6. Drug and Non-drug accountability
7. Proper financial management
8. Ease of medical implementation
9. Ease of Hospital Data retrieval
10. Cheapest and most efficient hospital management software in Nigeria.

Presented below are financial proposals for the software and implementation costs.

Billed per patient visit if daily patients traffic is more than twenty persons and paid up within twelve months after implementation.

Thank you.
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