Keltech IT/TELECOM Training

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Keltech IT/TELECOM Training
Location: Lagos Mainland, Lagos
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4 Months Diploma in Telecom
In the first 2 months, you will cover the following:

Network Management leading to N+, Server+, MCTS
• Structured Cabling, Setting up a LAN, TCP/IP Configuration, Domain & Workgroup Configuration, Creating & Managing User Accounts On 2012 Server O S, Sharing Internet and other Resources.
Security Solutions & Application leading to Security+
• Security Policies. Account Policies. Auditing. Firewalls Implementation..
Internetworking & Router Configuration leading to CCNA
• Full Cisco Academy curriculum & Router Configuration leading to 200-120 Certification. Practical exposure with live Cisco routers, switches; exam success, guaranteed!
Linux: Installation & Administration leading to Linux+

Transmission Engineering
VSAT: Installation & Configuration leading to CSI
• Theory of Satellite Communication, Assemblying of VSAT Hardware from LNA, Feedhorn, BUC, etc. Installing VSAT: Setting Azimuth, Elevation Using Compass & Inclinometer. Terminating & Connecting the Feeder Cables.Entering & Configuring the Modem, Tracking the Satellite. Commissioning the VSAT.
Optical Fibre
• Couplers, Connectors. Multi-mode, single-mode, Pigtails, Patch Cords, etc. Demonstration of Use of Fibre Toolkit, Media Converter, etc. Implementation of Fibre Optics for LANs.
VoIP & VPN Design and Configuration
• Installation & Configuration of VoIP Gateways. Assigning Telephone Nos to Phones. Demonstration of Calls on Wired Network. Concepts, Protocols & Implementation of VPNs.
• GSM Engineering
GSM Radio & Switches. GSM Fundamentals. Introduction to GPRS, UMTS, etc. Upgrade of 2G to 2.5G to 3G Networks.
Certified ZTE Engineer
Course Outline

• Site Location
• Calling IN
• Opening equipment boxes
• Perform Equipment check
• Quality check

ZTE Cabinet Coupling
• Marking the footprint
• Install the RC Outdoor cabinet
• Stack the BC 910 Outdoor cabinet

BTS Cables Termination
• Types of cables
• Fiber cables, E1 cables, Alarm cables, jumper cables and grounding cables
• Cable Termination
• Connection of fiber cables from the FS cards to the Tx and Rx ports of the RSUs
• Connection of the E1 cable from the LPU card to the DDF
• Connection of the jumper cables to the ANT ports of the RSUs
• Cable color codes
• Cable color codes for Indoor and Outdoor E1 connection

Light Installation
• Aviation light
• Mounting, Color coding and termination and grounding
• Security light
• Mounting, color coding and termination and grounding

BTS (Cut-Out)
• Performing loop-test
• Shutting the existing RBS cabinet
• Transferring and Connection of the MW PDH Radio to the BC cabinet
• Cross-patching
• Connection of Alarm cables to the Hybrid System
• Connection of Diplexers so as to combine GSM and DCS frequencies
• Connection of Jumper cables to feeder cables using Feeder connector

BTS Commissioning
• Loading the BTS via the CC card using LMT and PMT softwares
• Powering ON the ZTE BTS

Preparing The Site For Quality Check
• Performing VSWR (Sweep) Test
• Removing all materials used during the entire work so as to ensure the site is neat
RF Planning & Implementation leading to CWNA
RF Planning using EDX Software, RF Site Survery. Installing & Connecting Antennas for 2.4GHz RF. Entering & Navigating Radios. Basic Radio Configuration.
RF Optimization Training
As part of efforts to continually maintain quality of service, GSM/CDMA operators are regularly monitoring and optimizing fluctuating RF parameters on their network, creating internship, employment, and contracting opportunities for persons knowledgeable in RF Optimization tehniques. This RF Optimization training will prepare you for such opportunities. Training is mostly outdoor based, and covers:

Problem Analysis
* Analyzing performance reports and statistics for the worst performing BSCs and/or Sites
* Viewing Site performance Trends Reports
* Analyzing previous drive test data

Checks Prior to Action
* Cluster definitions by investigating BSC
borders, main cities, freeways, major roads
* Investigating customer distribution, customer
habits (voice/data usage)
* Running traces on Network to identify problem

Drive Testing
* Preparing Action Plan, defining drive test route
* Collecting RSSI Log files
* Re-driving questionable data

Subjects to Investigate
* Non-working sites/sectors or TRXs,
* Inactive Radio network features like frequency hopping, disabled GPRS
* Overshooting sites coverage overlaps
* Coverage holes

After the Test
* Post processing of data Plotting RX Level and Quality Information for overall picture of the driven area
* Initial Discussions on drive test
* Reporting urgent problems for action

ISP Base Station Configuration
• Base Station Hardware Installation. Installing Network Software. Configuring IP Settings.
• Configuring VLANs. Configuring Base Station as Access Point, Wireless Bridge, Repeater, WDS. Configuring Security. Configuring Firewall & NAT. Configuring WAN Parameters.
BTS Installation, RF Verification and RBS Integration
Acceptance Testing of 2G and 3G Network Entities

In the second 2-month phase, the following will be covered:

Telecommunications Fundamentals:
This will familiarize you with concepts and terminologies in telecom. Terms like frequency, bandwidth, RF, uplink/downlink, bps, transmission, E1s, multiplexing, broadband, modem/de-modem, the place of NCC, etc. will be broken down and their relevance to technical support duties will be highlighted.

Overview of Radio & Switching in GSM/CDMA Operations
Network elements of a GSM network like MS, BTS, Radio, PDH, SDH,BSC, and MSC will be analyzed with a view to understanding call setup and call completion processes. This will create a solid foundation for the practical sessions that will follow in NOC Management.

Introduction to NGN & 4G Networks
New technologies are on a continual basis, being superimposed on existing infrastructures to achieve greater speed and capacity for voice, data and video.
This usually involves replacement of hardware or/and software; and a 3G/3.5G network for example would then be upgraded to 4G network.

In this course, you will learn about New Generation Networks, and how they are implemented on a GSM network in order to upgrade such networks to 4G.
You will also understand the reasons for the craze by operators to migration to an all-IP network, a term generally referred to as Convergence.

NOC Management
GSM, CDMA, ISP operators networks are managed from rooms called NOC, where the entire networks are viewed on computers screens, and administered by Network Administrators. The network administrator plays a crucial role in monitoring the state of the network nodes such as BTS, BSC, VSAT and other Transmission Links.

Hence only persons with the right skills are employed. This 1 week instructor-led training, delivered by industry experts for would-be Network Administrators, will provide you with knowledge and skills for deployment and management of Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server as part of a larger security infrastructure.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing
In this era of cloud computing, organizations are now more conscious of the need to reduce heavy spending on hardware and related infrastructure.

This trend is attracting to companies, professionals that can help them improve the efficiency and availability of IT and telecom resources and applications through virtualization, by eliminating the old "one server, one application" model and running multiple virtual machines on each physical machine.

Through virtualization, people, processes and technology work together more efficiently to meet increased service levels. At this training, you will learn the full process of virtualization, and you will load multiple servers on a single computer, and then optimize the server for enterprise performance.

WiMAX Core Network Engineering
WiMAX is an IP based, wireless broadband access technology that provides performance similar to 802.11/Wi-Fi networks with the coverage and QOS (quality of service) of cellular networks.

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), is a wireless digital communications system, that is intended for wireless "metropolitan area networks". Nigerian ISPs (eg Mobitel) are already taking advantage of the high bandwidth supported by WiMax to deliver high speed internet to homes and offices.

As WiMax penetration increases and migration from slower technologies commence, new doors opportunities are opening for skilled professionals in this relatively new field. The training has a practical session that allows you configure WiMax Base Stations and CPEs.

Customer Service/Technical Support
This course will familiarize you with fundamental issues that GSM, CDMA and ISP customers encounter, and subsequently position you to resolve such issues, via best practice troubleshooting processes.

Beyond the technical, this course will also cover communication soft skills. While these soft skills are consistently rated as extremely important to the customer's experience, they are often neglected when it comes to allocating the time and budget needed for professional customer support training.

The training is perfect for help desk technicians, hardware and software support engineers, and support professionals at all levels, as well as for new graduates looking to be employed this area.
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