Nigeria Immigration Service Past English Questions & Answers

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Nigeria Immigration Service Past English Questions & Answers
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EGLISH LANGUAGE (50 Questions)Note: We have tried as much as we could to answer these questions, most of our answers may not be correct. You should try to consult more on the answers. Thanks Choose the word nearest to the word in boldQtn 1: After many years of struggle as a trader, he struck goldOptions:
(a) Became quite rich
(b) Won a big contract
(c) he became a gold miner
(d) became a goldsmithAnswer: AQtn 2: One significant character of the jet age is that it encourages people to cut cornersOptions:
(a) Not to face all problems
(b) to want to become rich quickly
(c) to want to avoid unnecessary hardships
(d) forfeit the opportunity of further education.Answer: BQtn 3: The lady who won the beauty contest had a good gaitOptions:
(a) Stature
(b) figure
(c) elegance
(d) carriageAnswer: BQtn 4: It would need a high flyer to make a first class degree in the universityOptions:
(a) A smart performer
(b) an outright genius
(c) an outstanding scholar
(d) an unmitigated swatAnswer: DQtn 5: What you will find in the book is a bird’s eye view of the subjectOptions:
(a) A detailed account
(b) a balanced account
(c) a biased treatment
(d) a general surveyAnswer: DQtn 6: Hers was a chequered careerOptions:
(a) An interesting and successful career
(b) a career full of sorrow and tears
(c) a bright and memorable career
(d) a career full of ups and downsAnswer: D Qtn 7: If experience is anything to go by, this action will prove a political mine fieldOptions:
(a) A source of political benefits
(a) a way out of political trouble
(c) a cause for political joy
(d) an invitation to political problems.Answer: DQtn 8: In my view, the play didn’t come offOptions:
(a) Succeed
(b) fail
(c) attract applause
(d) take placeAnswer: DQtn 9: When the chips are down, we will know those who have the courage to standOptions:
(a) when we get to a crisis point
(b) in the final analysis
(c) when the blocks are lowered
(d) when we get to the end of the roadAnswer: DQtn 10: She said boxing is, in fact her pet aversionOptions:
(a) something she likes very much
(b) something she dislikes very much
(c) a hobby she loves to pursue (d) one thing she can’t missAnswer: AQtn 11: The gateman does his work perfunctorilyOptions:
(a) without commitment
(b) with speed
(c) mother’s pet
(d) father’s petAnswer: BQtn 12: Members of the panel were working at cross-purposesOptions:
(a) harmony
(b) in disunity
(c) for selfish purposes
(d) stretchAnswer: AQtn 13: The young man who distributed political pamphlets on campus was promptly repudiatedOptions:
(a) disowned
(b) arrested
(c) warned
(d) killedAnswer: BQtn 14: Adayi is a die-hard criminalOptions:
(a) hard to kill
(b) hard to arrest
(c) remorseless
(d) resentlessAnswer: AFill each gap with most appropriate option from the list following the gapQtn 15: In moments of serious economic hardship, many people are ______ to turn to God.Options:
(a) Concerned
(b) inclined
(c) disposed
(d) propensedAnswer: CQtn 16: We cannot all wear expensive shoe in situation of __________Options:
(a) Diverent demand and supply
(b) uneven wear and tear
(c) different purchasing power
(d) unpredictable national incomeAnswer: CQtn 17: The centre – forward was _____________ consequently the goal was not allowedOptions:
(a) In an offside position
(b) very well positioned
(c) brilliant player
(d) the captain of the teamAnswer: AQtn 18: AIDS is ____ disease that kills slowly but surelyOptions:
(a) Too much a deadly
(b) Very deadly a
(c) so deadly
(d) such deadly aAnswer: DQtn19: We had a dull evening because __________Options:
(a) Hardly the talk had begun when the lights went off
(b) hardly had the talk begun when the light went off
(c) the talk had hardly begun when the light had gone out
(d) the lights had hardly gone out when the talk beganAnswer: AQtn 20: Soyinka’s masterful ___________ of the atmosphere of his childhood helped to make his book, Ake, an outright successOptions:
(a) Evocation
(b) invocation
(c) convocation
(d) revocationAnswer: AQtn 21: Students will always blame their teachers when examination results are unfavourableOptions:
(a) Won’t they
(b) wouldn’t they
(c) isn’t it
(d) cant theyAnswer: AQtn 22: Okonkwo is a stubborn man; he will never ________ his wordsOptions:
(a) Chew
(b) spit
(c) eat
(d) biteAnswer: CQtn 23: Kindly _____ me your book because my friend has ____ mineOptions:
(a) Borrow / borrowed
(b) borrow /rent
(c) lend / lent
(d) lend/borrowedAnswer: DQtn 24: Three quarters of the church ________ painted by members the previous dayOptions:
(a) Were
(b) was
(c) is
(d) areAnswer: BQtn 25: The young boys have been caught with parts of the stolen machine but _______admitted stealing itOptions:
(a) Neither of them has
(b) neither of them have
(c) none of them has
(d) none of them have.Answer: BQtn 26: Watching carefully, I could see the fish______ along the bottomOptions:
(a) Dotting
(b) crawling
(c) diving
(d) dartingAnswer: CQtn 27: Emeka is now a _____ student but it took him years to ______Options:
(a) Matured/mature
(b) mature/mature
(d) matured/maturedAnswer: BQtn 28: The rebels will soon fight back. We have been informed ______ their _________Options:
(a) Of/predicament
(b) about/ indulgence
(c) on/rearmament
(d) as for/advancementAnswer: CQtn 29: Ali was honest and quite as a school boy but too much drinking has now changed his
______ and _____ his tongueOptions:
(a) Temperature/injured
(c) temperament/loosened
(d) innocence/worsenedAnswer: CQtn 30: The hospital was closed _________ because there were no beds to put patients ________Options:
(a) Again/upon
(b) off/on
(c) down/at
(d) up/inAnswer: DQtn 31: The judge with his son _________ travelling to Lagos nowOptions:
(a) Were
(b) shall
(c) is
(d) areAnswer: CQtn 32: A university teacher is an _____Options:
(a) Academic
(b) academics
(c) academician
(d) academiaAnswer: AQtn 33: The adventurers ran into many ________ in the forestOptions:
(a) Dear
(b) dears
(c) deers
(d) deerAnswer: DQtn 34: The argument between the tow neighbous degenerated into __Options:
(a) A free-for all
(b) a free for all fight
(c) a flee for all
(d) a free fightAnswer: AQtn 35: The class _____ more girls than boys this session
(a) Comprise of (b) comprises of (c) comprise (d) comprisesAnswer: DQtn 36: The tourist bought __________Options:
(a) A brown, small, Nigerian earthen pot
(b) a small, brown Nigerian earthen pot
(c) an earthen, brown, small Nigerian pot
(d) a Nigerian small brown earthenAnswer: BQtn 37: I have already ____ the picture on the sitting-room wallOptions:
(a) Hanged
(b) hunged
(c) hang
(d) hungAnswer: DQtn 38: Most of us will attend the conference ____ at Ibadan later this yearOptions:
(a) Holding
(b) held
(c) being held
(d) to holdAnswer: AQtn 39: I shall work hard so that I can ________ a distinction in EnglishOptions:
(a) Secure
(b) make
(c) receive
(d) grabAnswer: BQtn 40: The baby was rather _______ than I could bearOptions:
(a) Much more troublesome
(b) much too troublesome
(c) so much troublesome
(d) very much troublesomeAnswer: AQtn 41: Students were forbidden ______ secret societyOptions:
(a) From joining
(b) in joining
(c) to join
(d) on joiningAnswer: AQtn 42: Of course, we all saw the culprit _______ and hit the man on the headOptions:
(a) Approached
(b) Approaching
(c) Approach
(d) ApproachesAnswer: CQtn 43: A child that shows mature characteristics at any early age may be described asOptions:
(a) Preconceived
(b) premature
(c) ingenuous
(d) precociousAnswer: DQtn 44: The company Director showed the contractor a _____ of the proposed office complexOptions:
(a) Prototype
(b) photograph
(c) microfilm
(d) photocopyAnswer: AQtn 45: _______ you come early to the new house, clean up my flatOptions:
(a) While
(b) by chance
(c) should
(d) should in caseAnswer: CQtn 46: This imposing edifice _______ a fortune to buildOptions:
(a) Had costed
(b) have cost
(c) costed
(d) costAnswer: DQtn 47: They let him go in ________ to his ageOptions:
(a) Respect
(b) regard
(c) disregard
(d) considerationAnswer: DQtn 48: Some scientists are trying to _____ human beings in their laboratoriesOptions:
(a) Imitate
(b) replicate
(c) implicate
(d) fabricateAnswer: BQtn 49: He does not seem to know how to solve the problem _______Options:
(a) Does not he
(b) does he not
(c) does he
(d) doesn’t he?Answer: CQtn 50: These villagers _______ to grow riceOptions:
(a) Used
(b) are used
(c) were used
(d) useAnswer: A
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