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From agricultural and farming jobs to internet and technology job vacancies are collected from all over Nigeria and presented for you to choose and apply online on MoboFree classifieds. Every man can use our job search and find a job, which matches his skills and satisfies requirements. Start building your career with MoboFree help – create your own free online ad and describe what job skill s and what experience do you have. Also mention details about what work you would be glad to do and what salary you are expecting. Wait, until recruitment agencies in Nigeria begin to notice you and became a successful doctor, teacher, engineer or any other type employee!

Suggested salary: NGN 120,000

Technical Coordinator Needed at Warri

Job Description As a Technical Coordinator, you will be responsible for helping Andela's Software Engineers successfully engage remote clients. Distributed work environments are growing in popularity but the lack of physical proximity still brings un...

graduate trainee jobs

As a graduate or trainee in recruitment, you'll be learning how to be the intermediary between organisations wishing to recruit (the client) and people seeking a career move or temporary assignment (the candidate). It's primarily a sales role, and of...
Suggested salary: NGN 80,000


You will join the team as a graduate trainee sales executive where initially training will be the biggest part of your day as you learn about the world of corporate sales. As a graduate trainee you will work directly with your team leader to implemen...


Public Relations Officer Public relations officers plan, develop, put into place and evaluate information and communication strategies that present an organisation to the public, clients and other stakeholders. They also promote good information flow...
Suggested salary: NGN 90,000


· Plans and directs all aspects of an organization's business development policies, objectives, and initiatives. · Responsible for developing new market initiatives, assessing new markets, and analyzing business opportunities. · Conducts financial f...
Suggested salary: NGN 50,000

Business Development Officer

Ehvise Global Resources (EGR) is a global strategic brand committed to providing unique competencies in Human Capital Development, Business Development, Occupational and Community Health Services. EGR is driving economic prosperity, environmental pro...


Am engineer welding and looking for a job
Doctorate of Philosophy/ Lecturers

Doctorate of Philosophy/ Lecturers

Looking for a lecture job. I am Doctorate of Philosophy
Suggested salary: NGN 120,000


JOB DESCRIPTION 1. Assists in the management of the division by evaluating existing and proposed organizational policies and procedures. 2. Reviews, analyzes, and recommends management organizational policies and procedures for division operations...




I am an artist. Looking for a job.


I need a job. I know how to drive a truck.


Looking for DROPPED OPERATOR's job.

Financial Planner

The said Financial planner will create account users, strategically liase with the company and the customers.He may help users or customers set up their applications and maintain such for users depending on the client.He creates payment vouchers for...
Suggested salary: NGN 100,000

office job

NEOLIFE a new multi-mational company in partnership with W.H.O is offering Nigerians a job/business opportunity to fill the office in OWERRI. Job Qualifications: – Interested candidates are required to possess a “Minimum” of Senior School Certificate...
Suggested salary: NGN 70,150

Information Management And Logistic

JOB OPPORTUNITY!!! 4 Graduate and Undergraduate. An NGO (GSR) in Nigeria precisely Delta State, Asaba is recruiting presently. BENEFIT AS STAFF: 1. Qualification is not need as you will be trained in line with the nature of our business. 2. Salary Sc...
Workers Scholarship Training

Workers Scholarship Training

Over 100 Nigeria workers are needed for Chevron Workers Scholarship Training in the either of; USA - TURKEY - UK - FRANCE or SOUTH AFRICA. Qualifications: HND, OND or B.SC. in any discipline and must be from a recognized university/polytechnic. C...
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