Kenyan forum: Politics - Kenya in 10 yeaz 2 come
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22 May 2014 18:09

Hay with all tha mess happening do u thnk tha gvmntz whch will rule over kenya.State tha reazons n y.

27 Jul 2014 16:54

Kenya is among the developing Countries,what we are seeing happening to our country happent to many developed Countries,AMERICA is a good example,it had lots of issues with its Security, the country came up wth a good strategy to Cub insecurity upto date,KENYA is going to b th Best place in Africa

27 Jul 2014 17:03

bila kupata shinda c rahisi kujua de way cub de problem so wat is in kenya wil heal for good.

24 Nov 2014 21:40

Manze ni noma juu vitu venye vinahapen labda God aintavina