Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Is age important in the relationships?
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20 May 2014 11:58

Age is just a number, it's what in your heart that counts. How he/her feel for each other you can't put a age limit on it...whats your take when it comes to AGE?

21 May 2014 07:25

It depends on expectations from the marriage,eg having children et el

21 May 2014 10:53

Sure it depends with wat the two parties want..short or long term thing

27 May 2014 16:00

Age doesn't matter what matters is how u two feels for each other..

29 May 2014 23:31

It doesn't matter; it depends how u feel each other

31 May 2014 09:27

no it young n i hav a 37yrs old man,hes gvn me the best

1 Jun 2014 15:35

Wow! Hold on tight

8 Jun 2014 13:54

outof experience,it matters alot,ladies u cant b married by somwan who is almost double ua age or more than 15yrs older and then useme eti ur enjoyng mmmm the age gup sud not exd 7yrs not that mmja akimalisia ndo mwenzake anaanza en the atha way round! kueni criouz na maixa

8 Jun 2014 21:30

Dis r juz digitz.wat matterz iz da da LOVE n feelingz u av 4 one anada.

8 Jun 2014 21:42

Wendymwende, u r very correct and thts the truth coz love has no age limit

10 Jun 2014 14:53

If de luv n feelings of affection are mutual ...Age aint a thing

10 Jun 2014 17:00

I think it depends frm both party emotions.

14 Jun 2014 02:31
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14 Jun 2014 06:17

Age is nt a big issue,wat matterz is da fylngs between da two of u.

14 Jun 2014 06:49

it really matters.the main reasn y both boys en gals fall for patners who are much older than then aint love...its for sumthn else...

26 Jun 2014 17:33

Its not the younger they get the more problems you get.the older the better.

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26 Jun 2014 19:15

personally it. matters alot, can't date a guy whoz 5 years younger or 10yrs older....

26 Jun 2014 19:48

To me, it matters a lot when gent is younger than the lady. coz a time will come when the lady will have no interest in sex while the man is still active.

26 Jun 2014 20:38

to me,it rily maters

26 Jun 2014 20:59

age doesnt mata wat matas iz te fellings 2wads each atha