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16 Jan 2014 06:33

Let's share here our experience with using iPhone 5:

First and foremost, the iPhone 5s is the best iPhone Apple has ever made. This is important, though the same could safely have been said of every single new iPhone model that came before it.

I have found battery life to be significantly better with the iPhone 5s than it was with the iPhone 5. The new iPhone features a bigger battery and iOS brings several optimizations to the table, and for me the combination has really paid off.

The quality of images captured by Apple’s new iPhone 5s is noticeably better than iPhone 5. Color reproduction is also vastly improved despite the fact that the iPhone 5′s camera was already among best to have ever found its way to a smartphone.

There is one big clue that the phone you've got is the iPhone 5S: the metal-rimmed home button, which no longer has the familiar-looking square icon in it. As you're no doubt aware, this is the brand-new fingerprint reader, Touch ID. With Touch ID, rather than having to tap in a PIN to unlock your phone, you can simply hold your finger over the sensor. If that sounds like a gimmick, it's not: it's actually a brilliant time saver and something that helps enforce security.

9 Apr 2014 17:20

well im looking forward to having this great phone, thanks for the detailed info about iphone5s

20 Feb 2015 21:12

can I get one