Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - What do men REALLY need from ladies?
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8 May 2014 18:52

What exactly do our men need from us ladies? I mean t's high time we shld face them n seek the truth from u guyz! Wat do u want tew achieve with thiz bill of marriage,, uv all agreed that u should be marry more than one wyf,,,, wat do expect from us ladies? Fold our hands, shut our mouth n watch u? ts xo horrible!

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14 May 2014 10:34

and men are still dying of country walker so vison 2030 is 1 man:15 women,

14 May 2014 17:02

Men its high tym u tell us ladies wht u nid frm us coz thea is no way u cn luv two three four pple at once.

15 May 2014 06:28

You don't sastisfactorily give their desires. many times you do it in pretence or in haste. so men have to look for what to fill what you left unfilled.

15 May 2014 12:42

Imagn that happen tew 90% n wat abt the 10% my friend,tonnieside? those who commit themselves tew their husbands but in return are paid by cowyfs? Dont u think ts xo disgustin?

15 May 2014 12:43

Franje9 s that really fair?

15 May 2014 12:44

Ruth wat do thiz guyz want us tew do? Dont they care abt wat we feel 4 them?

17 May 2014 23:17


24 May 2014 21:14

Bt maryam,this depends on individual persons u can't assume that all men were 4 that bill;n by the way do u expect a man to marry more than one wyf with the current economic situation?

25 May 2014 00:50

affection ,respect, love, satisfaction&submission

25 May 2014 01:15

The current ratio of Men to Women is 1:7,who will marry the rest?

25 May 2014 08:45

Da current ratio of Men2Women worldwide is 1:7,hu wll marry da rest?Yes da rest r human being thy hv human feelngs so.

25 May 2014 08:51

Men needs RESPECT coz nowadays there no love.

25 May 2014 15:03

ladies,men,woman,n all who r viewng ths forum!in ancient time,in tha bible infact HOLY BIBLE,many man had more than 1 wife,infact hata mpango wa kando ilikuwa i.e.father of nation abraham,alikuwa na mpango wa kando ,now kings such as solomon,david n many more walikuwa na wife wengi,so panganga muache.

25 May 2014 16:32

Really esirkims?

25 May 2014 16:34

Thanx cheps, bt imagn wat u think s nt wat the next person s thinkin, pple r different n unique in xo much wayz!

25 May 2014 16:36

n if ul nt get t frm the 2nd yf will u still keep on marryin as many yfs as u want? n wat abt the 2days economy?Kanjaja?

25 May 2014 16:39

@patrona n elvis,,, n dont u care abt the feelins ur yf has 4 u? will u juz b takin them 4 granted in the name of ratio?

25 May 2014 21:53

we care bt men luv curiosity..sexuality is complicated..

25 May 2014 22:59

With all my pedigree,men n women r looking for sex,the size n how u play with the tin matters most to ladies.Am workin on my libido appeal.Bring em ladies am driving u crazier n crazier