Kenyan forum: Fashion - Fashion that leads to a Second stare
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5 May 2014 06:35

Which fashion style and colour catches your eye whenever you see a guy dressed in? What will make you turn for a 2nd stare!!

Mi dem amenivalia a red dress with some sexy hight heals,GAI! Alhamdhulai! Nitatazama mara ya pili

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9 May 2014 22:15

a lguy with a light pink well fitting shirt & the tie has to be authentic,he has to be rocking em ray bans

12 Jul 2014 04:42

somebody wearing 1 colour frm head to toe,eti matching,agh! You look lyk small devil

24 Aug 2014 04:20

Any Provided That She Looks Smart!

25 Aug 2014 06:40

Quote by Charo17
Any Provided That She Looks Smart!

@charo,men likeWHAT they see,dem amevaa buble dress,amebend color zake poa,definately al confirm th LooK.

12 Jan 2015 23:35

Aguy in oficial

13 Jan 2015 16:57

A chick in a miniskirt which match wth her legs.... Mm kwisha

13 Jan 2015 20:34

Aaah! Ka mini bila nini, mi kwisha.