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17 Apr 2016 14:31

Can a girl love two guys equally?

17 Apr 2016 14:32

is it possible for a girl with two guys to love them equally?

17 Apr 2016 14:36

which factors facilitate a girl to fall in love with other guy?

18 Apr 2016 15:57

when the guy normally deceive her.

18 Apr 2016 16:00

If the guy cant do what she wants.

18 Apr 2016 16:05

No,she cant love them equally.

18 Apr 2016 16:14

not possible

18 Apr 2016 16:39

Its Not Possible To Love 2 Guys Unless She Is Playing With Them Both Or She Loves One Of Them Truly And The Other One To Provide 4 Her Needs.

18 Apr 2016 18:03

Impossible theyz nothing like equal luv mayb lust

18 Apr 2016 18:05

Impossible theyz nothing like equal luv mayb lust n rem njia mbili zilimshinda fisi

18 Apr 2016 23:04

Hahaha,warembo dont lie,penzi kwa mmoja 2,hera mar ngato achiel

19 Apr 2016 18:17

no it wont happen,not here on earth, she will never luv 2 guys equally.. she loves one n cheats on the second on n thats who provides her financial support. may be men,, becoz they r so unpredictable u know!,!

19 Apr 2016 19:22

talking abt two guys na wengine wako na ata four,makaa,salon,nguo,mafuta ya nywele.........semeni ukweli mademu.

19 Apr 2016 19:47


19 Apr 2016 20:56

lnaeza happen wen wote in LOADED sponsers,

19 Apr 2016 22:45

Yeah inadepend kama UA guy is not crious kama anakuchezea unatafuta plan B,and u still loves them equally

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20 Apr 2016 23:12


22 Apr 2016 16:46

I don't nooo

22 Apr 2016 17:15

a girl is only yours when you are right with her when she leavs dont count that shes sucks!

23 Apr 2016 17:21

if the guy doesnt do something' for the girl she'll find some one who does...that's not love
its looking for something to feel complete which leaves one confused cuz you wish your guy was him and the other guy.kubali alivyo you never know what tommorow has in store for him