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9 Apr 2016 22:03

What can you say about mpango wa kando?how can we protect our love frm this?

11 Apr 2016 11:34

stay away

11 Apr 2016 11:39

Pray 4them

11 Apr 2016 18:44

By Believing And Trusting Ur Partner And Communication Is Very Vital

11 Apr 2016 19:01
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12 Apr 2016 00:43

It"s us who have them,right? Oh yes! I wd like 2 say ,without batting an eyelid, that having a mpango wa kando or not is ONE'S sole decision - NO INFLUENCE WHATSOEVER. Unfortunately, we r escapists - we are always trying to justify our unbecoming behaviors n characters. We blame our spouses 4 either OMMITMENT or COMMITMENT while in our hearts n mind we know we r telling a lie. Till that time we shall value n treasure :-

1 : INTEGRITY ~>Telling one's self the truth


2 : HONESTY ~> Telling others ur truth then..

we shall forever n ever be in the same situation, the situation ya mpango wa kando.

12 Apr 2016 12:57

what we can do is to keep off.

13 Apr 2016 17:05

saying is easy,putting it into action is real hard...for instance you have a great lady by all means,respectful,loving,caring and loyal but she's not outgoing,yet you have the hot blood,you persuade her but you me you'll find hiding some lady somewhere who loves going sure it's affected al the men here sawia na nyinyi ladies pia kuwa contented is a very expensive virtue.

13 Apr 2016 20:02

Ibelieve wth true lov there cnt b any mpango wa kando.

14 Apr 2016 03:30

but i depend on you

15 Apr 2016 16:41

mpango wa kando will always exist so long as human desires exists n they are unfulfilled

15 Apr 2016 17:29

Just to solicit, & I mean solicit more german juice

16 Apr 2016 14:51

ww tukiacha iyo nan aifanye?lets go on with it!

18 Apr 2016 23:08

Dhako ndiga,mwanamke bisikeli,swara pia si mbuzi wa mtu...kwa ivo vunja mifupa bana

19 Apr 2016 17:10


19 Apr 2016 22:51

Mpango Wa kando hio nikawaida ya wanaume and that's the reason why nyerians women wanawatoa trasformer

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20 Apr 2016 08:23

Watu waache tamaa,nikumbaya siku hizi,mnasahau kuna ukimwi

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23 Apr 2016 12:34
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23 Apr 2016 17:15

getting a partner you believe is good enough for you in all aspects... and giving the r/ship your all

24 Apr 2016 11:20

ur lyf ur rules