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8 Apr 2016 15:21

Have you ever thought of becoming a blogger? Then if you want to become one,then its your time to share...

11 Apr 2016 11:12

I wld like 2 b a blogger

11 Apr 2016 11:35

bad manas

11 Apr 2016 12:11

What would you probably want to blog? @freezers

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12 Apr 2016 08:13

Indeed i've always been in the desire to change the minds of people through writings and moreso the internet! I'm a lover of political essays,inspirational writings,socio-economics and the culture of Africa moreso the Maasai....I've several articles i've written with me ....I COULD HAVE PREFFERED TO HAVE A BLOG

12 Apr 2016 09:22

@litann thats very nice of you. But do you know that everything is very possible... How many blogs have you visited? How often do you comment on articles that move your heart? How many have you shared with your friends an article that made your day?
You dont have to answer all these.... But its good to comment and share with your audience...and while doing that,dont forget to provide your link so as to drive traffic towards your site...
Blogging is very interesting provided you are doing what you like most.
Let keep in touch here and in my site at